Rachael Ray…..the end

Well, I may have missed some schedules, I might not always have been on time, and I’m probably famous for not following her recipes to a T! However, considering all things, I feel great about this blog! I have enjoyed it. I love all your nice commen

ts, and for those that weren’t so nice, thanks for reading anyway! Several have asked what is next for this blog? Well, I’m going to take a little break, at least until I get my own kitchen back. Hopefully we’ll move down south in a few weeks and I’ll post some more recipes. They won’t always be Rachael Ray, but I would love to share some other recipes that I love with you. I’ll admit this wasn’t

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easy to keep going, with a few trips, and especially with the husband pretty much gone for the last 4 months. But I’m glad I stuck with it! Hopefully we’ll set this up to re-post some recipes for those that started following toward the end can see what I did in the beginning! Our biggest news that I have not shared on this blog yet is we are expecting a little girl in May! Which made making menus and picking food pretty hard these past

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20 weeks! So I hope everyone has a great new year! We’ll see you back soon, until then, Happy Cooking!

9 thoughts on “Rachael Ray…..the end

  1. Spotty


    Thank you so much for sharing all your cooking adventures with us this past year. Your blog has been so entertaining and I give you kudos for all your efforts. I cannot even count the number of friends I have shared your blog with and all of us have been delighted to see what you would cook next.

    Congrats on your new little one expected in May and I look forward to seeing some of your other culinary creations after your move. Best of luck to you and your family.

  2. Peony

    Thank you so much, Michelle. You did a wonderful job and we will really miss you. Congratulations on your happy news.

  3. Eric

    Hello @michellecooks, I’m @ericcooks. Haha. Very cool blog, just found it and enjoying it. Reminiscent of Julie’s project from Julie & Julia. Keep up the great work!

    I’ll be checking back. Have you tried Rachael’s broccolini stoup with veal meatballs? Mmm.


  4. Eric Ackerson

    Hi Michelle!

    Congratulations on the coming new addition. I can promise that it makes cooking much more difficult. Time management and all. On the other hand with my own two, I find that cooking has become more relaxing than ever.

    If you haven;t already seen my own culinary edventure, check out my blog for “198 countries, 198 National Dishes 1 Culinary Adventurer, 1 year.” I am literally cooking my way around the globe….

    Cheers in the new year and best of luck with the May Baby (my birthmonth).

    Eric Ackerson Myhungrytum.wordpress.com

  5. Donna

    Thanks, Michelle. I gotta give you credit for sticking with it. Saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it are two different things. You did it! You also showed that you could try new things without having to break the bank. I appreciate the year’s worth of posting and hope that you try something new and stick around!

  6. casch

    I just found this site and I will definitely take the time to go back over all your recipes. This must have been a huge undertaking. I make a lot of her recipes (and use her methods) but I don’t come close to your efforts! Thanks and I look forward to seeing your recipes again.

  7. Allen

    Just checking in to see if there’s been any activity here. I really miss reading your posts and trying new recipes. Luckily, I have enough RR recipes from books, tv and the internet to keep me occupied for a while!


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