Rachael Ray: Don't Kiss Me Garlic Burgers

I was intrigued by this Rachael Ray recipe, how garlic can you go? My personal opinion, maybe because I didn't make fresh pesto, is they don't have that much garlic in them. orlistat india So I might have added some, see the notes below! Overall, I did like the taste of these a lot, and I'm sure they aren't on the diet plan I should be following right now. I don't really care, because they were good. I enjoyed every single bite! The husband is gone, so I didn't have to worry about not getting any kisses, however, the baby, he's always willing to give you a kiss!

Recipe: Don't Kiss Me Garlic Burgers

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Don't Kiss Me Garlic Burgers

Total Time: 25 minutes

Cookbook: Rachael Ray Online

Notes: Like I said above, I opted to use some pesto sauce that I had on hand, you could see the garlic in it, so I don't think mine would've been much different. I couldn't find pine nuts in 2 stores, so you just use what you have. I also may have added some garlic salt to the meat while forming the patties. I just threw a little onion on the grill, since it was only for me. These are a keeper! Oh, I almost forgot, I used Swiss Cheese, because 1: I couldn't find Brie Cheese in the store 2: No reason to spend more money on that.